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Haunted Scones

So a few days ago sayellesay showed me the Green Lantern animated series which I enjoyed immensely (read: it emotionally wrecked me). She then ever so gently suggested drawing my ocs as lanterns and then drew this fancy thing.

So here’s Lance as a red lantern. His rage has finally rocketed him into space. I’ve been calling him ketchup. Niall is up next.

Lora was telling me about robots so I sent her this before I had colored it. I’ve been fiddling around with the binary tool recently and it’s pretty neat!

Commissions are OPEN!

Five slots are available.

Line Art

  • Bust: $10
  • Waist-up: $15
  • Full body: $25


  • Bust: $20
  • Waist-up: $30
  • Full body: $40

Full Color

  •   Bust: $60
  •  Waist-up: $75
  •  Full body: $80

               -BG designs: + $10

               -Flower Boogaloo: + $35

- I WILL NOT draw: Robots, pornography, sacrilegious things, racist things. If you’re not sure about something feel free to ask.


-I only take payment through Paypal. Payment up front please!

-I will start your commission once I receive payment. Before payment is exchanged, I’ll give you an estimate as to how long it will take me to finish (shouldn’t take longer than a week depending on where you are in my queue).

-You will have one opportunity to ask for changes. I will send you a watermarked proof, if you like what you see I will send you the finished piece.

-Refs are required! If the character is an OC I’d like a small summary of their personality and a bit about where they come from so i have an idea of how to draw them. I will let you know if I need more as necessary. Prices increase with complexity!

-Contact me at Include something about commissions in the subject line, specify what type of art you’d like, and I will let you know if I accept.

-All commissions will be posted by default, let me know if you want me to keep it private.

For more examples of my art check my art blog! Thanks so much for looking and reblogs are fancy!

Lora was telling me about some old theories people used to have about bees and one of them involved the KING BEE. He is the most noble of bees who rules with benevolence and justice. There were a bunch of other silly things but you should ask her about them.




I can post detail shots later if you guys want ‘em.


his name is Leander and he’s a screechy sea noodle (leviathan).


and then I slapped a gradient map on him.

I’m working on that meme thing that was going around a few weeks ago but I am slow. SO YOU GUYS GET A WIP THAT LOOKS NOTHING LIKE THE FINISHED PRODUCT. YAAAAY.

Aileen “fish” Kimbler belongs to magnetmurmurs and Poop’s name is really Nathaniel.

I broke the original file making this glorified WIP. I have a love for eye searing colors that I rarely express.

No, I am not going to apologize to your retinas.