Name's Kat and this is my art blog. If you want to know more, there's the ask box and the about button.
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Haunted Scones

magic-missile asked for Niall in palette number 8 for that color meme that was going around a while ago so here he is.

Finally finished this. I wanted a new background for my ipad. There’s another piece in the works for my lock screen.

I had a weird dream the other night where I befriended a talking pear that was two feet tall. I spent the entire dream listening to his problems and I don’t remember what they were now.

hello indigo

I’ve been playing around with a new doodly style recently. I’ll eventually dig the rest of them out of my sketchbook.

A whole bunch of WIPs and scribbles laying around my hard drive because I have the attention span of a banana.

They’re labelled in the captions if you’re curious.

I was at a trade show a few weeks ago, watching a table, and I doodled some hooligans between being hit on by weird old men. Dubious phone photos, go!

Top: Aileen (belongs to Lora)

2nd row: Bariyan (belongs to Sophia), Calico (belongs to Kiki)

3rd row: Harlock, Niall

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, sayellesay!

It’s still your birthday in Vegas shut up

Why is everyone in this show so damn pretty