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Haunted Scones

We had a sketch battle in my character ideation class and this was the result. I had to make some kind of cute critter that was a mix of two different animals.

He’s a mix of harpy eagle and red panda. I think I may re-draw him later so there’s more eagle.

Character ideation again! We had to personify a holiday so here’s my Dia de los Muertos.

Last piece for last week’s character ideation project.

I was just messing around with this one. I don’t know where it came from.

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Can you guess which class this is from? 8D

I used the class assignment as a chance to come up with a design for a character that’s been well, faceless. And I don’t draw enough of my ladies anyway.

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More character ideation things. Silhouettes this time.

This one is my character Amanti.

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Character ideation class shenanigans! We had to make characters out of ref-pictures the teacher gave us.

I’m rather partial to the old man. His ghosties make me smile.